Monday, October 19, 2020

Trans-States: The Art of Crossing Over edited by Cavan McLaughlin and published by Fulgur Press

It is such an honour to be a part of Trans-States and to be published by a prestigious printing house such as Fulgur Press!
Once again, many thanks to Cavan McLaughlin for editing my article, and to Robert Ansell for publishing this beautiful book!
You can buy a copy at Fulgur Press website: 

My profile at Trans-States website:
My profile at Fulgur Press website:

Cover of Trans-States: The Art of Crossing Over published by Fulgur Press

"Aries Lunation 4" (2016). Markers on A3 paper. 
This second photograph shows one of the images that illustrate my article "Within the Hyperdream Magic Circle: Manifesting the unconscious through illustration games"

Both images are from Fulgur Press' Instagram.
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