Thursday, July 9, 2020

Animal Presence: Fox

Early today, during my morning walk, a fox passed a few metres in front of me and then went deep into the forest. There was a magnificent aura around the animal. As its beauty impressed me deeply, I decided to make a drawing of it.

I did not seek to capture it in a realistic way; instead, I preferred to make a portrait of its majestic presence.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Painting Palette


"Birdman". Acrylics on canvas (100 x 100 cm).

Digging through some old boxes, I have just found this painting from 2008. 
It was used as part of the scenography for a spectacle of live creativity that combined drawing, music, performance, and costume and set design within the context of the art festival Inund'ART (@inundart) and the show took place at La Mercè Auditorium.
I collaborated with Gemma Rabionet Boadella; Sergi Blanch Serrat; Dani Garcia Fornells and Alverd Oliva and our group was called Sinestetics.
The idea was simple: the audience suggested random words that were sent via mobile phone to an app that shuffled them creating random juxtapositions. Inspired, or challenged, by these concepts, Alverd Oliva and I, performed on scene. He played a number of instruments and I drew to illustrate the concepts generated by the word combinations. Dani was in charge of multimedia, Sergi of film and photography, and Gemma took care of the set design and costumes.
For this show, the concept was freely inspired in Pau Casals' Song of the Birds, Solomon's Language of the Birds and Attar's The Conference of the Birds. Inspired by those concepts I created this image and I wrote a poem about the telluric and magical origin of language.
I guess this new retrogradation of Mercury is leading me to revision and re-evaluation...