Friday, January 15, 2021

Finding Rebis: Using Collaborative Practice to Gestate a Third Mind - Gemma Rabionet Boadella & Carlos Ruiz Brussain

Here I share the conference that Gemma Rabionet Boadella and I presented together at the last Trans-States:


Finding Rebis: Using Collaborative Practice to Gestate a ‘Third Mind’

Many artists have used collaborative approaches as a creative methodology to make artefacts; among other things, with the pretension of experimenting and obtaining unexpected results or simply to enjoy a communal experience. Concepts like ‘objective chance’ were forged by Surrealists to describe overwhelming coincidences that happened after using cooperative games that favour random and unforeseen results. Additionally, these creative methods reinforced psychic bonds between the participants. According to André Breton, the artworks produced using these procedures were characterised by the style of a ‘collective authority’. Similarly, Brion Gysin and William Burroughs refer to the psychic phenomenon that manifests during shared artistic sessions as ‘the third mind’: a superior and unseen collaborator that shows when two minds work together. This paper examines the use of collaborative strategies in creative practice. After reviewing a number of previous modes of shared artistic creation, we will discuss our own cooperative experiments. During the last five years, we have trialled a number of collective artistic techniques (such as Exquisite Corpse, collage, cut-ups, scrapbooks, and collaborative drawings) and we have eventually developed our own creative methodology of joint practice to condense the difference of our polarities in single images and creative projects (complexio oppositorum). Drawing from play theory to explain the game mechanics we utilise, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s theory of flow to describe the motivational aspects involved in this approach, and Jungian psychology to discuss our understanding of the transcendent function and how we use active imagination as a method that involves the tension of opposites, which is channelled by means of collaborative artistic practice. We will argue that this dynamic confrontation of conflicting principles (Mysterium Coniunctionis) ultimately gave birth to a ‘third mind’ named R. B. Dharma. ---------------------------------------------- Find out more about the Trans- States organisation at: Follow us on Facebook at: Follow us on Twitter at: Follow us on Instagram at: OUT NOW FROM FULGUR PRESS: "Trans-States: The Art of Crossing Over" Edited by Cavan McLaughlin Foreword by Alan Moore. BUY THE BOOK HERE: Select Papers from the first Trans- States conference, The Art of Crossing Over, which themed itself upon the Major Arcana card, The Hanged Man, and focused on boundary-crossing, liminality, and the queering of normativity.

Friday, December 11, 2020

R.B. Dharma's New Book

R.B.Dharma has published a new book!

It has been a pleasure to collaborate in this novel visual grimoire. In order to produce these works many supernatural entities have been invoked, welcomed, honoured, transformed, elevated, transmuted, materialised, etc. And, since they were brought to consciousness, our dream world, and life in general, has been richer and more profound.

Being a part of the third mind called RBDharma is great fun, each drawing is a gift and also an unusual voyage of self-discovery.

I love sharing this magical journey with Gemma Rabionet BoadellaR.B.Dharma:

Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday, November 9, 2020

"Una passejada pel museu" de l'Albert López

Aquesta ocasió comparteixo un enllaç al micrometratge "Una passejada pel museu" de l'Albert López, on l'autor comparteix les seves reflexions mentre visita el Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC).
L'obra competeix al festival de l'Alternativa 27:
Podeu votar pel seu curt a:
Bona sort, Albert!

En esta ocasión comparto un enlace al micrometraje "Una passejada pel museu" de Albert López, donde el autor comparte sus reflexiones mientras visita el Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC).
La obra compite en el festival de la Alternativa 27:
Podéis votar por su corto en:
¡Buena suerte, Albert!

In this occasion, I share a link to the micro-short film "Una passejada pel museu" created by Albert López, where he shares his reflections while visiting the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC).
His work competes in the festival l'Alternativa 27:
You can vote for his work in
Good luck, Albert!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Peça narrativa "Solitude" de la Mar Teixidor

Sempre és un gust veure i difondre el treball d'exalumnes. En aquesta ocasió, comparteixo un enllaç al curt "Solitude" de Mar Teixidor que presenta al festival de l'Alternativa 27:
Bona sort, Mar!

Siempre es un gusto ver y difundir el trabajo de exalumnos. En esta ocasión, comparto un enlace al corto "Solitude" de Mar Teixidor que presenta al festival de la Alternativa 27:
¡Buena suerte, Mar!

It is always a pleasure to see and promote the work of ex-students. In this occasion, I share a link to the short-film "Solitude" created by Mar Teixidor who is presenting it at the festival Alternativa 27:
Good luck, Mar!

Amin Suhrawardi: La fuente del ser

Permite que la Fuente del Ser mantenga el contacto contigo: ignora las impresiones y las opiniones de tu "yo" ordinario. Si este "yo" te fuera de valor en tu búsqueda, habrías encontrado la realización para ti. Pero todo lo que puede hacer es depender de otros. 
Amin Suhrawardi

(Extraido del libro de Idries Shah La sabiduría de los idiotas. Cuentos de la tradición Sufí (1993, p.176))

(Techo de la tumba de Hafiz - Wikipedia/Commons)

Monday, October 19, 2020

Trans-States: The Art of Crossing Over edited by Cavan McLaughlin and published by Fulgur Press

It is such an honour to be a part of Trans-States and to be published by a prestigious printing house such as Fulgur Press!
Once again, many thanks to Cavan McLaughlin for editing my article, and to Robert Ansell for publishing this beautiful book!
You can buy a copy at Fulgur Press website: 

My profile at Trans-States website:
My profile at Fulgur Press website:

Cover of Trans-States: The Art of Crossing Over published by Fulgur Press

"Aries Lunation 4" (2016). Markers on A3 paper. 
This second photograph shows one of the images that illustrate my article "Within the Hyperdream Magic Circle: Manifesting the unconscious through illustration games"

Both images are from Fulgur Press' Instagram.
Visit Fulgur Press Instagram:

Trans-States website:

Friday, October 2, 2020

¡Gracias, Quino!

Autorretrato de Quino (© Quino)

Hace dos días falleció Joaquín Salvador Lavado "Quino". Quiero expresar públicamente mi agradecimiento a este maestro del dibujo y del humor gráfico que ha sido una gran influencia para mí durante toda mi carrera, y casi podría decir que desde que tengo uso de razón —porque Quino ha estado conmigo desde que aprendí a leer. Tanto las tiras de Mafalda durante mi infancia y adolescencia y, posteriormente, sus obras de humor gráfico dirigidas a un público adulto, fueron, y siguen siendo, un deleite. Quino sabía comunicar temas complejos usando un formato accesible y popular, algo que no es nada fácil de hacer, pero, sobre todo, conseguía extraer una sonrisa, o incluso carcajadas, de temas que nos resultan muy difíciles de confrontar (como la muerte, la injusticia, el despotismo, la represión, la explotación laboral, la imbecilidad humana, etc.). En otras palabras: Quino contribuía a hacer más soportable lo insoportable. Pocos artistas son capaces de semejante logro.

Perdón por la falta de originalidad, pero solo me salen estas palabras de despedida: "¡Gracias, maestro!"

Monday, August 3, 2020

Multidimensional Meditator

Pentel brush marker on A4 sketchbook
Rotulador pincel Pentel sobre papel de boceto A4


This beautiful town of the Costa Brava is one of the most inspiring and magical places in the world for me and, thus, I try to return here once in a while to reload my creative energy. My attraction for this place might have to do with its unusual geography full of sculpture-like stones carved by the different winds, the shape-shifting clouds that suggest a great number of images, the lovely white houses that surround the bay, the labyrinthine streets, the crystalline waters or the rich underwater life... But I guess what I love about this coastal town is precisely something that cannot be fully grasped or described with words, what I love is its genius loci: the spirit of place that can be felt only when one surrenders to the particular energy of Cadaqués and, eventually, allows one to blend with the environment. In my case, I use drawing to accelerate this process of drinking in this amazing beauty.

Exquisite Corpse 08